MHonArc v2.3.1 Uploaded

1998-10-25 14:25:16
MHonArc Users,

MHonArc v2.3.1 is available.  Here are the changes from v2.3.0:

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:    Attachments of the same type get written to the same
    Solution:   Another my/local gotcha.  Note, writing attachments
                has been redone so other filters besided
                can write data to files.

    o   Support for MHTML.  I.e.  An HTML document that references data
        included as other parts to the mail message, will be converted
        so the data will be shown where referenced.  Before, all
        referenced data was shown at the end of the message.

    o   Auto-computing the name for attachments no longer caches
        data, so performance may decrease when processing MIME
        messages.  This change is required since multiple filters can
        now write data to files and not all to the same directory (a
        common utility function now exists for writing data to a file).
        Also, it avoids behavioral problems with custom front-ends
        that operate on multiple archives in a single process.

    o   Changes to inorder to support MHTML.  Changes
        done should help the handling of other multipart/related
        data types.

Earl Hood

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