Re: link to messages using LITEMPLATE

1998-11-07 12:27:31
On November 5, 1998 at 10:34, Christian Pruvost wrote:

1- It seems that my definition og <LITEMPLATE> text...</LITEMPLATE>
is never  taken into account. I always get a default definition:
<LI><STRONG><A NAME="00000" HREF="msg00000.html">Message

Since you did not provide how you are exactly defining LITEMPLATE,
we can only guess what the problem may be.  Are the start and end
resource tags on their own lines (as explained in the documentation)?
Are you telling mhonarc about your resource file via the RCFILE
resource?  Have you looked at the example resource files in the
examples directory as guides on what you can/should do?

BTW, what you have listed as the "default" is not the default.
Is LITEMPLATE defined more than once?


Earl Hood

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