MHonArc v2.3.3 bug fix release available

1998-11-08 17:12:50
MHonArc Users,

Sorry for the frequency of releases lately, but I figure it
is important to get certain bugs fixes out as soon as possible,
especially ones introduced in v2.3.

The latest release can be obtained from

The following bugs should be fixed:

    Problem:    -otherindex and -perlinc command-line options do not
                work.  Using them has no affect.
    Solution:   Subtle precedence issue in Perl variable operations;
                problem fixed.

    Problem:    Resource variable expansion not working properly in
                MAILTOURL resource.
    Solution:   Certain variables in read_mail_header() where put in
                my() declarations when they should stay as local()'s.
                Changed back.

    Problem:    Next/previous message link resource variables are
                reversed when REVERSE is on.
    Solution:   REVERSE check was left out in new v2.3 replace_li_var().
                Check added in.

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