How to set resource variables ?

1998-11-09 04:46:51

I'd like to change the "Main Index" and the "Main Thread Index" lines to 
something else (Name of the List) in the rc file. I didn't find the hint 
in the documentation.

I know, I can redefine LISTBEGIN or TLISTBEGIN, but I think it's better 
just to redefine the variables $IDXTITLE$ and $TIDXTITLE$, for making 
minimal changes to the default configuration.

I tried  $IDXTITLE$='My List: date index';
in the rc file, but nothing changed.

Any hints ?

Thanks, Roland.
Roland Holzapfel    | Fraunhofer-Institut Graphische Datenverarbeitung
                    | Rundeturmstrasse 6    phone: ++49 (0)6151 155315
                    | 64283 Darmstadt       fax:   ++49 (0)6151 155399
holzapfel(_at_)igd(_dot_)fhg(_dot_)de| Germany

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