Re: Debugging MHonArc

1998-11-12 23:14:10
On November 12, 1998 at 10:22, Aaron Sakovich wrote:

Are there any facilities to assist debugging MHonArc?  I'm trying to find 
the problem that it has working with NTmail, and the problem only shows up 
while running through the system service.  I can't run it using perl -d, so 
the next best thing would be some kind of logging facility that showed in 
detail what it was doing.

Kind of the opposite of "-Quiet" -- a "-verbose -log:output.file" would be 

All there is is the regular status diagnostics MHonArc reports (unless
-quiet is specified).  If you do not specify -quiet, where do status
diagnostics messages go?

Have you tried running under Perl program NTmail while running
through the system service.  Win32 systems are known to not invoke
sub-processes in a manner similar to Unix systems.  Standard I/O
redirection tends to be a problem (at least with programs like IIS).

Maybe writing a simple test Perl program just to see how input and
output is handled may provide a clue to what is wrong.  Since mhonarc
works nicely with programs like sendmail and Procmail, I strongly lean
towards the problem being with NT/NTmail.  Support for interpretive
based programs that are not Microsoft creations tends to be poor on
Windows systems.


Earl Hood

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