Re: how can I convert hypermail archive to MHonArc?

1998-11-13 17:25:53
On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Michael Olivier wrote:

I apologize if this is old territory here... I just joined, and tried to find
the answer in the archives or FAQ, but was unsuccessful.

I have a hypermail (1.02 I think) archive that I need to convert to MHonArc,
either by getting to a raw mailbox file or going directly to MHonArc.

I tried the script recently posted here, but it only extracts the
headers, not the bodies of my archive.

Since there seemed to be significant interest previously on this, I thought 
ask -- how have folks solved this problem?

A sample archive file of mine is below. I appreciate any help you can give me.

 The sturcutre of the archive file that you have is different from the
structure of the archive that script was written to parse. I expected this
to be the case when I threw things together so I wrote a "General concept"
section to aid in these cases.

 Please reread this section of the script and then look at the
if-then-else structure which is used to tell if you are in the body of the
message or not.