Re: Blank Index Files?

1998-11-17 13:58:13


I am not sure if MHonArc has this functionality, but a nice little shell
script command to get around this is "touch".  If you run MHonArc from a
shell script(or at or cron, whatever) you could throwin two(one) line
beforehand saying touch <htmldirectory>/maillist.html

this would create the files(empty) if they didn't exist, and simply update
the timestamps on them if they did already exist.(of course, then you get
"document contains no data" errors... so i guess were not much better off
than before.)

just some thoughts...

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Peter Losher wrote:


      Is there an option to have MHonArc create the maillist.html and
thread.html files w/o any messages to add?  This is so the Index files
could still act as placeholders until actual list messages are sent to
MHonArc for processing. (and to avoid 404 messages).


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