Re: Blank Index Files?

1998-11-18 15:01:39
On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Josh Duncan wrote:

I am not sure if MHonArc has this functionality, but a nice little shell
script command to get around this is "touch".  If you run MHonArc from a
shell script(or at or cron, whatever) you could throwin two(one) line
beforehand saying touch <htmldirectory>/maillist.html


        Thanks for the suggestion, actually that's what I do already! :)

        The reason I have this question is that these archives are a part
of a public activity, where people suggest topics to collaborate on, and
when they are approved, we create the appropriate mailing lists and
MHonArc archive, which are then publicly available.  The intro message for
the mailing list make take a couple of days to appear (depending on the
moderator and how fast he/she sends the message), so I wanted something in
place at archive creation time.

        I may just install a vanilla place-holder file in there if MHonArc
can't create one.

Best Wishes - Peter
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