Looking for general MHonArc Tips

1998-11-17 18:49:49
I recently found MHonArc and I'm impressed with it. I'm picking up the
general usage of MHonArc okay, but I'm looking for some general tips about
setting up and automating MHonArc for processing majordomo archives. So
far I've been able to customize the output using resource files and I've
set up a nightly cron job that adds new messages. 

I'm concerned that as the number of messages increases, the index files
will become too large. Storing messages in separate directories for each
month seems like the best way to address this. I'd like to be able to
automate this so it automatically creates a new directory each month for
new pages. It would be nice if a master index to each monthly directory
could be automatically maintained. Are there any add-on utilities to do
this? What are other MHonArc users doing to maintain archives by month?

If anyone has any advice or pointers to documentation, tips, etc., I would
appreciate it. The MHonArc documentation itself is great, it would just
help me to know more about how MHonArc is actually being used for list



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