1998-11-24 14:44:54

Sheldon <axl(_at_)iafrica(_dot_)com> said:

I'm using MHonArc 2.2.0 and I'm having a problem with the LISTBEGIN
resource. [...] 

MHonArc is called with the -rcfile command-line option. My rcfile
contains code like this: 

[snip rcfile extract]

After I added this code segment, the next message addition by MHonArc
caused maillist.html to updated [...] However, threads.html is not being
updated as I expected. This leads me to believe that LISTBEGIN is
ignored for TIDXFNAME. 

This is exactly correct...

Check out the MHonArc documentation at:

Which shows (in detail) exactly how the different resources
are put together to construct a main index, a threaded index and
a message page.

It appears that the threaded index equivalent to the main index's 
LISTBEGIN resource is THEAD  

(I could be wrong about the exact equivalent, I just took a quick 
 peek at the default definitions of LISTBEGIN and THEAD and they
 look to be about the same.  TFM has all the gory details)



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