Re: MHonArc on NT

1998-11-30 22:56:29
On November 30, 1998 at 09:45, "Donald Seiler" wrote:

I've decided to get the newest Perl, although it is the same version number
and the build dates are two months apart.  I was wondering though:  should I
just let it install into the default directories?

I am guessing you are refering to MHonArc here.

If I do, it likes to
plant itself within the Perl directory structure.  I'm fine with this, if it
will work.  Any thoughts?

It will work.  You can install MHonArc anywhere (the
program lets you change the pathnames).  You will notice the
MHonArc will default to the site_perl directory for its library
files, so it will not write files into the core library locations.
Installing MHonArc within the perl directory structure is beneficial
if the intent to have MHonArc available for all users on the system:
users do not have to know another path to access MHonArc.


Earl Hood

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