Re: Problems with MIME attachments

1998-11-30 22:59:55
On November 30, 1998 at 11:13, Andrew White - Sun UK - Software Developer wrote:

However we are getting attachments of a type TEXT/plain which aren't!  They a
in fact Applix Word documents.

Mhonarc extracts the file as a text document but it would be nice if it would
read the 'name=""' and 'x-unix-mode=0700' fields in the 'Content-ty
header line and store as a file.

[See below.]

This applies to a few other attachments types. I could use the 'usename' 
facility but this would cause problems with filenames that are the same.

Note, "usename" only works with  I.e.  text/plain
messages are processed by a separate filter.  The text/plain filter
always works in "inline" mode.  There is no support for attachments. always works in "attachment" mode with the exception
of images.

The issue of "text" attachments has lingered in my head for awhile
since it adds a crimp into the current processing model.  To be the
most flexible, MHonArc should support the ability to specify different
filters for data with dispositions of "inline" and "attachment".
Otherwise, one encompassing filter would have to be used which puts
a damper on the extensibility of having separate filters.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

The best solution is to have senders properly label the data.
Even the example you give does not have the Content-Disposition set
so any MUA would show the data inline and not as an attachment, and
what I said about "dispositions" is not even applicable in your


Earl Hood

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