Mhonarc stops working and creates mhonarc.lck directory

1998-12-04 10:50:22

My company has been using Mhonarc somewhat successfully for over a year.  
Unfortunately it crashes or stops working everyonce in a while and leaves 
entries like this in our mhonarc log file.
Thu Dec  3 16:29:42 MST 1998
delivering to pipe "/home/tqs/bin/mhonarc_add operations", system error

When it stops working it seems to leave a directory called mhonarc.lck 
somewhere in public_html.

Any ideas on how to fix/troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advance

Damon Haley

Damon K. Haley, dhaley(_at_)infobeat(_dot_)com, phone +1 303 675-5841

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