Re: how to make gifs not inline?

1998-12-05 13:29:30
On December 4, 1998 at 01:11, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Looking at the docs, it appears image inlining is instigated by the
MIMEARGS defaults. I tried to override that for a mail with an
attached .gif and no Content-Disposition: header. It still got
inlined. What am I missing?
m2h_external::filter; usename useicon subdir iconurl="../attachment.gif"


Argument strings specified for content-types will take precedence
over filter level argument strings.  Therefore, data that is image/gif
causes m2h_external::filter to get a blank string.  Argument
augmentation is not supported.

From my test of your settings, image/gifs are not inlined unless
Content-Disposition is set to inline.  Also, the "usename useicon ..."
stuff is not applied since that is a filter level specification and
the image/gif specification takes precedence.

Try the following:

<MIMEArgs override>
m2h_external::filter; usename useicon subdir iconurl="../attachment.gif"

The "override" attribute will clear out any MIMEArgs settings currently
in affect.


Earl Hood

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