Re: No more forbidden messages

1998-12-05 13:30:08
On December 3, 1998 at 09:53, "Bert Hiddink" wrote:

What happens if I decide to change the lay-out of my html-messages 
through the rcfile in case my list contains f.e. already 100 

Any new messages will show the change.  Old messages will not
show changes unless they are automatically editted due to message

I won't be able to adjust the lay-out of the 100 already html-
converted messages, will I?. 

You can use the -editidx option to reedit all pages in an archive.

And since procmail only temporarely stores the mails in STDIN, there 
is no way to do monarching all over again with the 100 messages, 
using the new rcfile, is there?

-editidx.  Note, to change actual message data formatting (the message
header and body), which is controled via the MIMEFILTERS, you would
have to reprocess the messages.  It always good practice to keep
the original messages archived somewhere as backup in case the
MHonArc archive gets corrupted.

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Earl Hood

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