markup errors

1998-12-09 11:34:37

I found several markup errors in the main and thread index files
produced by MHonARC 2.3.3.

First, when using multiple index pages, the links to previous and next
page appear outside of any block-level element.  The HTML
specification requires any character data to be placed inside one of
block-level elements, such as <P>, <UL>, <OL>, etc.  So, it is better
to put these links inside <P> IMO.  (I'm working around this problem
by redefining the LISTBEGIN resource.)

Second one, a more complex one (at least it seems tobe to me), is that
when creating thread index, <LI> element appears inside <LI> element
i.e. as follows:


I couldn't find any resource to correct this.  I appreciate if anyone
could point me to an appropriate resource to use, or correct this
problem in the master source.

My environment, BTW, is as follows:

Perl 5.005_02
MHonARC: 2.3.3
OS: FreeBSD 2.2.5, 3.0


          Masafumi NAKANE, Keio Grad. School of Media and Governance
E-Mail : max(_at_)wide(_dot_)ad(_dot_)jp / max(_at_)FreeBSD(_dot_)ORG / 
[URL] :

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