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1998-12-26 19:51:21
On December 10, 1998 at 02:15, Masafumi NAKANE wrote:

First, when using multiple index pages, the links to previous and next
page appear outside of any block-level element.  The HTML
specification requires any character data to be placed inside one of
block-level elements, such as <P>, <UL>, <OL>, etc.  So, it is better
to put these links inside <P> IMO.  (I'm working around this problem
by redefining the LISTBEGIN resource.)

The legality depends on which HTML DTD you verify against.  The 4.0
one requires character data in block elements.  The 3.2 one does not.
MHonArc existed before 4.0.

BTW, the use of the P element is arbitrary.  If the the various
PGLINK resource are changed, P may not be appropriate to use in
LISTBEGIN, and may actually be in error when validated against a

In sum, one must weigh the usefulness of conforming markup against
the ability for the user to change resources w/o being burdened with
the subtle dependencies of creating valid markup.  Those wanting
valid markup always, can deal with changing resources as needed.  The
average user should not have to bother with such details, especially
when SGML validation is not needed.

Second one, a more complex one (at least it seems tobe to me), is that
when creating thread index, <LI> element appears inside <LI> element
i.e. as follows:


I couldn't find any resource to correct this.  I appreciate if anyone
could point me to an appropriate resource to use, or correct this
problem in the master source.

This happens when threading goes deeper than the maximum depth level
(set via the TLEVELS resource).  The proper fix requires change in
the source code.  I consider this a bug since it can have undesired
results if thread index layout resource are changed from the defaults.


Earl Hood

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