MAXSIZE - poor man's windowing

1998-12-29 15:15:35

As we know, it can take a fair amount of time to add messages to
larger archives. I've seen filing times upwards of 20 minutes.
For me, long filing times are starting to become a bottleneck.

The usual solution for MHonArc is to split archives up, for example,
putting each month in a separate directory. Another possibility is to
use MAXSIZE to keep the archives from growing too large.

However, I'm thinking of another possbibility. With MAXSIZE, new
messages are added, and, if necessary old ones are deleted.  However,
if a MAXSIZE variant were to only delete entries in the the database,
and not erase the html files, we'd still get the speed advantages of a
small database. It would also allow me to keep the old message pages

Of course, there would not be any index pages for those old message
pages.  In my case that's ok, since I use a search engine find old
messages anyway.

Any comments or thoughts?


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