Re: Out of memory!

1998-12-26 20:31:57
On December 23, 1998 at 11:29, James M Galvin wrote:

Would you say more about why an overly large attachment is an issue?

Process and/or system memory limitation can come into play.
In multi-user environments, it is common for sys admins to enforce
process size limitations to avoid non-privileged processes to suck
up all memory on the system.

Theoretically, if you have the enough memory, MHonArc should handle
it (unless perl itself has some memory problems).  Note, process
a very large message can take some time, so if doing dynamic archive
updates with a list with high traffic, some messages may not get
added since the large message can lock the archive long enough for
other additions to time-out.

I use mhonarc extensively and love it.  However, several of the elists I
manage do get overly large attachments (>1GB, yes gigabyte) and frankly
more often than not I can not get them in the archives.  I've never been
able to figure out why, although I've also never sat in a debugger and
traced it in detail.

How much memory do you have?  If real and swap are >1GB + whatever to
support other processes, I would bet the time it takes MHonArc to
process the message could cause problems if other separate MHonArc
processes try to do adds on the archive (as noted above).

Have you tried a manual test of one of your >1GB messages?  If so,
what happened?

BTW, IMO, people should be questioned on why they are sending >1GB
messages via email, especially to a mailing list.


Earl Hood

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