Re: Out of memory!

1998-12-13 11:52:02
On December 11, 1998 at 14:15, Stanley Weilnau wrote:

I tried the -savemem option but that did not help.  I did narrow it down
to one message from the archive and after removing it from the archive I
was able to add the other messages to the Mhonarc pages.

I am now trying to isolate what was in the message that is causing the
add process to not function correctly.

First, check its size.  It may contain some overly large attachment.

Second, check if you have process size limits in effect on your system.
Many Unix-based systems can be configured to limit process sizes.
I have had success with a 15Mb message (and this was years ago).  And
I recently test against a 2.3Mb message.

Third, check any custom resources you have defined.  If you forgot
to properly close a resource element in your resource file, MHonArc
can be using a large chunk a data in some pattern match operations.
Some unclosed resource elements are known to stress perl out.


Earl Hood

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