RE: Line start with "From"

1999-01-06 09:12:15
As Chris has noted, MHonArc has ways for a user to override the default
message separator.

You need to invent a Perl regular expression that is more specific than the
default, one that will match message separator lines but not other lines.
The default is something like

   "^From "

If you have difficulty with regexps, take one of your problematic message
files (say one with 20 messages in it) and make an excerpt of only the
message separator lines plus other lines that you are having trouble with,
then post the result to this list so other Perlists can have a crack at
regexp invention.

-- good luck, SP

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It seems that mhonarc will try lines start with "From " as a new
message, is it possible to make mhonarc to identify which "From "
is start of new message and which is not?


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