Re: Search engines under NT?

1999-01-06 12:26:44
Michael asked:

What I was wondering is if anyone can recommend a good search engine for
the resulting html files to use in conjunction with the web page? I saw
that there were a couple listed on the home page, but I figured I might ask
to get the opinion of those that have used them or if anyone recommends a
different script.

I use Marc-Search by Eric Friedman.


  Flexible search parameters
  Nice display of search results (shows some context around the hits)
  Designed specifically for MHonArc archives
  Can use the full power of Perl regular expressions
  It's written entirely in Perl so you can hack it if need be.
  Uses unbuffered output so results start displaying pretty quickly


  It basically greps thru the archives (there's no indexing involved) so
    it can be slow when searching large archives.

  It's written entirely in perl so can be slow.

  I had to hack the script (slightly) to get it to work with my site as
    the code makes certain (reasonable) assumptions about the way the
    html and cgi directories are located which didn't match the way my
    ISP organized things.  YMMV.

You can check out my archive at:

Go to the bottom of the page and take the "search" link.



as the search term.



P.S. You can follow the links from

     if you're interested in seeing the resource files and scripts I use to
     build the archive.
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