MHonArc beginner question

1999-01-06 17:17:51
Greetings all.  I'm in the process of setting up a couple of MkLinux
machines to mirror a few useful FTP sites.  I'm also hoping to get some
sort of web searchable mail archive for an assortment of mailing lists.
A combination of MHonArc, Glimpse, and Wilma  was what was recommended to
me.  I've acquired the latest of all of them and am trying to get MHonArc
to work.  My first question is about archiving multiple lists; do I need
to have each list filtered into a seperate mailbox?  If so, what is the
best/easiest way to do this?  Does anyone have any tips on making these 3
work well together?   Thanks for any tips I get.


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