Re: MHonArc beginner question

1999-01-06 20:09:24
"MA" == Mail Archiver <archive(_at_)quest(_dot_)ksu(_dot_)ksu(_dot_)edu> 

MA> My first question is about archiving multiple lists; do I need to have
MA> each list filtered into a seperate mailbox?  If so, what is the
MA> best/easiest way to do this?  Does anyone have any tips on making these
MA> 3 work well together?

Remember that Wilma was designed to work on the output of the
program that comes with Majordomo, although you can do the archiving any
way you like as long as the result is a set of mbox files numbered somehow
to indicate the month and year.

The trick to getting them working together is all within Wilma; once you
have a bunch of archives (each consisting of some appropriately numbered
mbox files) then you just run wilma_reindex out of cron and it handles
calling MHonArc and building the Glimpse indices.

 - J<

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