Re: delmsg + MAXSIZE windowing

1999-01-08 16:05:13
On January 5, 1999 at 17:02, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

I commented out the following lines in delmsg in, then
added a MAXSIZE of 3000 to the rcfile of an archive which had about
10000 messages. The goal is a windowing effect, where a small MHonArc
database runs a big archive containing lots and lots of HTML message

The results were unusual. First, the time required to add new messages
dropped from 20 minutes to less than three minutes. (GREAT!)  On the
flip side, the MHonArc indexes did not work as hoped.  The initial
thread index page showed no change (and continues to not change, even
as more messages are added) The first date index page now shows a
rather old set of messages, and also does not appear to update as new
messages are added.

Did I make an obvious mistake?

Unsure off-hand.  I'll need to do some tests myself to see what
the problem may be.  I would expect that the index pages should
only show what has not been "removed".  I.e., The information
is gone from the database, but the actual message files are not

I'll follow-up when I get the time to check things out.


Earl Hood

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