Re: Out of memory!

1999-01-08 15:56:39
On January 5, 1999 at 17:19, James M Galvin wrote:

The machine on which this occurs has 64 Meg of real memory and the swap
space is 512 Meg so no, the swap space is not as big as the message.  I
have always wondered if that was the real issue but never dug real deep
to confirm it.  It always appeared that mhonarc worked with files itself
so it didn't need that much memory.  If you tell me you really think
that's it I'll have to test that theory.

Not enough memory.  MHonArc reads the entire message into memory
to process.  It allows for faster performance, but hurts when
having to process large messages.

A redesign is reqired to support a temp file model.  Also, it
may be really slow due the nature of Perl.  I.e.  A temp file model
may require underlying C implementation to get acceptable performance.


Earl Hood

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