Filter not recognizing -outdir

1999-01-15 00:25:03
Thanks for providing a mailing list. Evidently the archive site is down because 
it is inaccessible so instead of searching the archive I will ask my question 

I have successfully added mhonarc to to a dir called whose path is 
/home/users7/jcott/bin and the outdir path is /home/users7/jcott/www/parkmail/.

Using the instruction from 'Archiving your mailing list on the web' I have from 
the sunos command line entered:

setforward |/usr/bin/filter ;Which I believe pipes output to the 
exists on my system

I have created an .elm directory and in that .elm directory I created a 
filter-rules file that contained:

if (sender = 'list(_at_)lists(_dot_)acusd(_dot_)edu') then execute 
"/home/users7/jcott/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir /home/users7/jcott/www/parkmail/"  
; I have tried with and with the single and double quotes but filter does not 
recognize the switch -outdir.

I have looked at the faq...and other places but haven't arrived at a solution 
and am at a standstill in this installation. 

I presume in absence of any documentation, any message presented will trigger 
mhonarc to create several files in the parkmail directory or rebuild those 
files that have already been created..but I haven't got that far in the 
equation yet.

I know this must have been rehashed thousands of times...

Thanks for your help.

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