Messages get terminated by smail

1999-01-19 08:49:48

i've got a problem with some of our mailinglists.

The list has about 15.000 messages at the moment. 

The Problem is: It taks LOTS of time to write a new message into this huge
mhonarc archive ... 
If i try to add a message via the shell direct it takes about 2 - 4 min.
until the message is in the archive and every index file has been written 

the problem is: smail doesn't like processes to take so long ;) so all i
get is:

01/16/1999 21:36:37: [m101cSH-001GBlC] note: "|/opt/MHonArc/bin/mhonarc
-add -nolock -definevars MAIN-TITLE=Support-Mailingliste -rcfile
/opt/MHonArc/frames-date.rc -outdir /var/www/MHonArc/arago/support/ -- -" ... 
pipe: process killed by signal 11
01/16/1999 21:36:37: [m101cSH-001GBlC] Delivered 
TO:/opt/MHonArc/bin/mhonarc -add -nolock -definevars 
MAIN-TITLE=Support-Mailingliste -rcfile
/opt/MHonArc/frames-date.rc -outdir /var/www/MHonArc/arago/support/ -- -
ORIG-TO:support(_at_)pascal DIRECTOR:aliases TRANSPORT:pipe

Well and this signal 11 doesn't sounds to good ;) ... 

The machine itself is a SGI Challange "S" Server.

Is there maybe a nice and easy to automate way to split the mail archive
every month or so like it is in the mhonarc example page (the mhonarc user
interface page) 

Please answer direct if possible, cause i am actually not on the
mailingliste itself but only reading it through the archive ... thanx



      ! arago,                          Michael R. Reutlinger !
      ! Institut fuer komplexes         Support Engineer      !
      ! Datenmanagement GmbH            eMail: mulchi(_at_)arago(_dot_)de!
      ! Fichtestr. 12                                         !
      ! 60316 Frankfurt am Main   !
      ! Tel: +49-69-40568-0             Fax: +49-69-40568-111 !

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