strange bug(?)

1999-01-28 03:53:46

I think I found a bug in MHonArc. 

Background info:
        OS: Win95 and WinNT4.0+SP4 (tried on both)
        MHonArc ver: 2.3.3
        Perl ver: 5.005_02 built for MSWin32-x86-object (ActivePerl)

I just set up mhonrac on my server and tried to run a basic operation 
on an existing mail message to check that the program is working:
        mhonarc -single test.msg
and got an error message:
        Error: Runtime exception

Becaus it didn't look like a MHonArc error message, I started going 
through the program code and found that the exception was caused 
by subfunction called "set_handler" in the "" library file.
And to be precise, the problem seemed to be the line 
        $SIG{'ABRT'} = \&mhonarc::quit;

I really don't know what it does, but just to give it a try I replaced the 
"ABRT" with "ABORT" and to my surprise the program actually 
started working, but again, I wouldn't know if that change will result in 
strange behavior somewhere else in the prog..

I can supply more information (on computers I tested the program on 
or msg-files invonved etc.) if needed. 

So, would you happen to know a valid solution to the problem in 

Best regards,
- janne kaipainen - jatka(_at_)nmi(_dot_)jyu(_dot_)fi - (+358 14) 60 2818

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