index page with headline of message body

1999-01-26 17:07:10
Dear all

  I want to know how to configure MHonArc to include 
the headline of mail body in  the index page.

For example I want to show an Main Index file like

*From: Dcrocker  
 Subject: nned  
 headline:Last week I asked some of

*From: dcrocker  
 Subject: message id format  
 headline: I recommend


just like "scan" command of MH.

Any help will be welcom. Thanks in advance.
       Taku Izubuchi   High Energy Physics Theory Group
       Dept. physics                              
       Tsukuba University                         
       Tenoudai Tsukuba Ibaraki 305 Japan.        
       Telephone: +81 298-53-4284
       facsimile: +81 298-53-4492

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