Re: Huge long lines in archives

1999-01-26 18:35:20
On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Frank J. Perricone wrote:

I stand corrected -- even current browser versions honor the <PRE> by
making long-lined messages scroll left and right, which is awful.

Well, the browser just act reasonable, anyway <PRE> means "we already
format it, don't cahnge it!"

There is no foolproof way to convert RFC822 plaintext into something with
paragraph formatting.  

Off course...

However, I would like the option of converting it in
simple ways, even if a signature like this will turn into junk. 

I will say, it should be a tag saying, "replace this regex with that",
will suffice. It can be implemented easily using "s" operator in perl. The
it will be up to the admin to determine how it will format the text.

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