[ADMIN] Reminder about member-only posts

1999-02-05 01:09:11
This message is just a reminder to all of you about the member-only
posting restriction on this list.  We were getting so much spam
through to the list that this was the only viable solution to keep
everyone on track.

Unfortunately, it also means that posts from non-members may not
be received in a timely manner; anything that fits this category
has to be approved by me first.  I've been away from work because
of a medical emergency these past few days, so you'll see a sudden
influx of approved messages now.

If you want to make sure that your messages get out in a more 
timely manner, subscribe to the list (I'm writing this for those
who read via archives).  If you have multiple addresses, you
can subscribe to another mhonarc-allow(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu(_dot_)  
This list
doesn't send anything out to anybody and is strictly used
for authentication purposes.

To subscribe, send mail to


with the body of your message containing the single line

subscribe mhonarc-allow



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