comments in mhonarc headers

1999-02-08 12:17:00

maybe this is a bug in mhonarc:
in message-bodies all "<" and ">" are escaped via &gt; and &lt; to prevent
the browser to interpret the enclosed text. works great. but in mhonarc's
headers (especially the subject line) this wrapping doesnt take place.

my problem is now, that i maintain a listarchive about roxen (a
webserver). this webserver parses the html-files before sending them to
the browser. and sometimes we talk about such commands and then they are
of course mentioned in the subjects of our mails, get unescaped into the

short example:
<!-- MHonArc v2.3.3 -->
<!--X-Subject: <sqloutput> inside another one-->

roxen tries to execute <sqloutput>, but this makes no sense.
my ideas for a solurtion are:
a) convert "<" and ">" in  "!--X-"-lines, too. but maybe this would break
b) if it was possible to enclose the "!--X-"-lines between
   <comment></comment> (or something similar for other webservers), 
   everything would be fine. 

any suggestions?


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