wilma help, please

1999-02-22 14:00:20
Hi --

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I thought this might be the
most likely place to find help.

I've had wilma, glimpse, and mhonarc running together to index a group
of mailing lists for my web site.  The basic functionality is there, but
I am having a terrible problem getting the nightly reindex function to work.

I run wilma_reindex from my main crontab file every evening, and it *appears*
to succeed; I get a message showing all the work that was done, and no
indication of any errors.  And, any new messages that have arrived are
properly converted to html and added to the current month's directory.

But, after reindexing, any attempt to search for anything returns zero hits.
If I delete the whole archive tree and start over, the first index works
fine.  Or, if I just delete all the .glimpse files from the directory and 
run a script that executes the glimpse command from wilma_reindex, that 
works too.  But wilma_reindex by itself doesn't work.

I don't see anything wrong with file permissions or ownerships in the
.glimpse* files.  I run my web site as www-data.daemon, and my mail archives
are owned by majordom.daemon.  All files and directories are readable and
writable by group, so I'd think there wouldn't be problems there.  I've
tried running the cron script as both www-data and majordom, and that
doesn't make a difference.

I am almost wondering if glimpse is confused about the directory path to
the files, but the config files in .wilmarc are correct.

Anyone have any suggestions?


John Ackermann

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