Re: wilma help, please

1999-02-22 18:57:22
"JA" == John Ackermann <jra(_at_)febo(_dot_)com> writes:

JA> But, after reindexing, any attempt to search for anything returns zero
JA> hits.

And your Glimpse version is?  Versions after 3.6 have serious problems with
incremental indexing, which is why we tell you not to use them.  I use 3.0

Can you do the searches manually?  Turn on debugging on (edit
'wilma_glimpse') to get the command line to use.  Then run it by hand.

 - J<

Glimpse 4.1; I thought I'd read somewhere that that version was OK.  
I'll try to find version 3.0 and revert to it.

Thanks for the tip!


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