I lied -- glimpse 4.11 is broken, too.

1999-02-28 12:24:56
Oh well --

I thought that glimpse 4.11 properly reindexed files, but it appears 
that it still misses new data.  I don't know what the problem is, but 
it doesn't work properly.

Back to version 3.6 for now.

By the way, what started me down this path is the fact that Debian 1.3 
(Linux distribution) includes a precompiled version of glimpse 4.0.  
After I posted my first message and was told about the glimpse 
problems, I found versions 3.0 and 3.6 but neither would compile on my 
Debian Linux system.  I went to 4.11 thinking that it might solve the 
build as well as the indexing problems.

Well, it turns out that all versions of glimpse have a problem 
compiling under (at least) a Debian Linux 2.0 system.

If you want to compile glimpse on a Debian 1.3 (and I presume other 
versions) system, you need to go into the libtemplate/util directory of 
the glimpse source tree, and edit the file strerror.c, adding the 
following define near the top of the file:

#include <stdio.h>                                                      

#include "util.h"                                                       


/* Added for Debian Linux -- jra(_at_)febo(_dot_)com */
#undef NO_STRERROR                                                      


#ifdef NO_STRERROR                                                      


 *   strerror() - same as strerror(3)                                   


Linux supplies the strerror() function, but somewhere NO_STRERROR is 
being defined, which causes glimpse to attempt to create its own 
version.  There's probably a better way to fix this problem, but this 
seems to work.

John Ackermann

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