[?] Resources files

1999-03-04 08:01:32

Apologies, since I sense that this is a newbie question and I could
probably be accused of not RTFM-ing.

I've installed MHonArc and run it against one of our Majordomo lists (if
only majordomo was as easy to get positive results on the first iteration;
thanks a bunch Mr. Hood).

Now, I'm getting down to doing the page layouts; it seems easy enough, but
I'm not sure of  some things.  Once setup, where do the resource files
"live" (which directory do they need to be in in relation to mhonarc) on
the server and what is needed so that mhonarc "sees" them.

Apologies for words like "live" and "sees" if they are a bit too new-age.

Thanks for all your help and apologies again if this is too-newbie.  

Max Pyziur                                     BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine

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