Re: How to require a "Re:" for subject-based threads?

1999-03-03 21:51:02
On March 3, 1999 at 12:00, Jamey Wood wrote:

Is there a way to require a "Re:" to procede a subject before that is conside
to be part of a thread?  I am having problems with new messages having the sa
subject as very old threads and thus showing up at the bottom of my thread 
index, and as belonging to a thread that they really don't belong in...

There was a recent discussion on the list related to this.  It had
to do with turning off subject-based detection.

What you need will require code changes.  And your need is a little
different.  You want subject-based detection, but only if "Re: "
(or similiar qualifier) is present.

I am now considering the following modifcation to threading:

    o   A resource to turn on/off subject-based detection when
        computing threads.

    o   When subject-based detection is active, only subjects with
        "Re: " are considered.

        NOTE: Will have to key off the SUBJECTREPLYRXP resource.  I.e.
        A subject that does match SUBJECTREPLYRXP will *not* be
        part of a thread based on subject; it will become part of
        a separate thread.

User comments?