Re: How to require a "Re:" for subject-based threads?

1999-03-09 16:00:09
Those modifications would help me out greatly.

In the interim, is there a resource to tell mhonarc to compute ordering of 
threads on the index page based on the date of the most recent member of the 
thread (not just the beginning of the thread)?  So in my case, even if a 
message was placed into some ancient thread it would at least be noticed, 
since that thread would jump to the head of the index page...

Also, my (probably obvious) comment on the changes you mentioned to require a 
"Re:" to be included in a thread...  You'll start running into cases where an
incoming message's subject could place it in one of multiple threads, and it 
should probably go into the most recent thread...  Although maybe one day you 
could implement something advanced like comparing body text quotes of the new 
message with the contents of the messages in each thread to see if it might 
really belong to an older thread...  But I know that's starting to ask a lot.


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On March 3, 1999 at 12:00, Jamey Wood wrote:

Is there a way to require a "Re:" to procede a subject before that is 
to be part of a thread?  I am having problems with new messages having the 
subject as very old threads and thus showing up at the bottom of my thread 
index, and as belonging to a thread that they really don't belong in...

There was a recent discussion on the list related to this.  It had
to do with turning off subject-based detection.

What you need will require code changes.  And your need is a little
different.  You want subject-based detection, but only if "Re: "
(or similiar qualifier) is present.

I am now considering the following modifcation to threading:

    o A resource to turn on/off subject-based detection when
      computing threads.

    o When subject-based detection is active, only subjects with
      "Re: " are considered.

      NOTE: Will have to key off the SUBJECTREPLYRXP resource.  I.e.
      A subject that does match SUBJECTREPLYRXP will *not* be
      part of a thread based on subject; it will become part of
      a separate thread.

User comments?