Re: Overwriting Files: usename and subdir

1999-03-05 16:32:46

Files attached to email notes are overwriting each other.  I tried Earl's
suggestion in: 
but it's not working.  

I'm using MHonArc version 2.2.0.  Enclosed is my resource file below, and
here is the command line I'm using:

You'll need to upgrade your version of MHonArc, I think.  This bug was
fixed in 2.3.1.  From the BUGS file:

   Version: 2.3.0
   Problem:    Attachments of the same type get written to the same
   Solution:   Another my/local gotcha.  Note, writing attachments
         has been redone so other filters besided
         can write data to files.
   Version Fixed: 2.3.1

The current version is 2.3.3, available from


P.S.  Please don't send text/html encoded messages to the list; it makes
      reading a real pain for some people...  Thanks!

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