1999-03-06 15:13:23
Hi folks;

Sorry for another newbie question regarding "-otherindexes"...but I have
read the archives and tried everything else I could think of....with no luck.

So here goes...

Perl 5.004_04 built for i386-bsdos

My problem seems to be the command line I do the following..

perl5 mha-dbedit -rcfile date.mrc -otherindexes date.mrc -outdir

Running the above seems to work correctly and the new information is
appended to the ".mhonarc.db" file in the "archive" shown


$DAYBEG='<tr><td colspan=4><strong>$MSGLOCALDATE$</strong></td></tr>
<LI><A HREF="$TIDXFNAME$">Thread Index</A></LI>
<table border=0>
$LITMPL='<tr valign=top>

"date.mrc" is the "sample" resource file that comes with MHonarc.

Now once I tell MHonarc to "upadate" the archive, all this information is
lost...or never new "index" pages are created...and the 
".mhonarc.db" no longer has the new information in it.

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere...but I'm stuck in a loop here:)

Thanks for any and all help.

        best regards 

Michael Chopek  <japh(_at_)d2earth(_dot_)com>
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