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1999-03-07 13:34:00
At 12:42 PM 3/6/99 -0800, Michael Chopek wrote:

My problem seems to be the command line I do the following..
perl5 mha-dbedit -rcfile date.mrc -otherindexes date.mrc -outdir

Running the above seems to work correctly and the new information is
appended to the ".mhonarc.db" file in the "archive" shown


Now once I tell MHonarc to "upadate" the archive, all this information is
lost...or never new "index" pages are created...and the 
".mhonarc.db" no longer has the new information in it.

I got it:)

Sorry to waste the bandwidth for the first email...I don't feel too dumb

        best regards 

Michael Chopek  <japh(_at_)d2earth(_dot_)com>
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