Feedback on MHonarc 2.3.3

1999-03-08 04:40:01

Just a note to say thanks for MHonarc; it is an excellent piece
of software that is working well for the hylafax mailing list
archives at :

if you want to have a look. It is being used in conjunction with
the ht//Dig search engine, and the mhonarc resource file contains
some optimizations for it. If this is of interest, I am quite
happy to send it to people on request (192 lines).

I did come across a couple of 'funnies', probably the result of
my incompetence :-

*  The %h parameter (abbreviated month names) is not recognized
   in the MSGGMTFORMAT resource.

*  I found I needed to place a "</UL>" in the TFOOT resource to
   close the thread listing markup correctly.

Regards and Thanks Again,
Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

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