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1999-03-08 18:03:33
On March 8, 1999 at 00:20, "Michael Gwilliam" wrote:

No I want MHonArc to make me a list like:

      * Account A1234, locked self out of car

          * <Possible follow-up(s)>
          * Acct A1234, Re: locked self out of car
          * Acct A1234, Flat Tire on car
          * Acct A1234, Re: Flat Tire on Car

      * Account A287, locked self out of house

          * <Possible follow-up(s)>
          * Acct A287, Re: locked self out of house
          * Acct A287, Broken Swing on porch
          * Acct A287, Re: locked self out of house

In other words I want to group messages by a custom header within MHonArc.

This cannot be done "out-of-the-box".  This would require code

The two main places in the code to check out are:

    o   read_mail_header() routine in
            Here you can change the subject text when messages are
            first read.

    o   compute_threads() routine in
            Here, you can modify how possible-followups are computed
            by inserting custom code.


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