Re: File Overwriting in 2.3.3

1999-03-12 21:42:41
On March 10, 1999 at 15:06, "McCartney, Wade" wrote:

MHonArc 2.3.3 is working for me, but I'm having trouble with the usename and
subdir argument-strings, and the icons are not working.  The main problem is
that attachments to email messages that have the same name (e.g.,
comments.doc) overwrite the previous attachment with the same name

From the MIMEFILTERS resource page of the documentation:

usename     Use (file)name attribute for determining name of derived file.
            Use this option with caution since it can lead to filename
            conflicts and security problems (however, see the subdir

You may want to use the "usenameext" option instead.

Some Details:
*     Subdirectories are only created for certain messages but I cannot
view/download the attachments to messages msg00005 and msg00006 in IE40, but
I can open them in Netscape405. For example:  

Subdirectories are only created when attachments exist and the
"subdir" option is specified (assuming the m2h_external::filter
is being used).

As for the browser issue, that is outside of MHonArc's realm.

*     Msg000030, 31, and 32 each contained a different file called
comments.doc but the comments.doc in msg00032 (the last one) overwrote the
first two files.  

Yep.  And the doc warns about this.

*     Msg000020 came out strange. There were eleven
attachments but only two of them ended up in the msg000020.dir.  
*     Here's the MimeArgs portion of my resource file:
              m2h_external::filter;usename subdir

Here is the problem.  From the MIMEARGS resource page:

    If an argument string is defined for a filter explicitly and for a
    content-type that the filter processes, the content-type string
    will override the filter string.

In your case, the options for application/msword take precedence
(and does *NOT* augment the filter options).  So, msword data will always
be put in the same directory as the message while all other attachments
will go in a sub-directory.

Add the "subdir" option to application/msword.


P.S.  Please avoid sending HTML messages unless absolutely necessary.
We try to advocate proper use of MIME on this list.  Thanks.

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