Re: iso-2022 filter

1999-03-24 13:38:18
On March 24, 1999 at 17:17, "Takashi P.KATOH" wrote:

  I think MHonArc does not handle iso-2022-jp headers (not
body) whether MIME encoded or not. Right?


So, I wrote the filter for iso-2022 like
I hope this benefits you.

Another user has previously contacted me about this, so I extracted
the iso-2022 code into a separate library already so iso-2022-jp
text in headers can be converted.

The change will show up in the next release.  When I get around to
making all the changes needed for the next release, I'll make a beta
distribution so you, and other users who process Japanese messages, can
test out the changes to make sure I did not break anything.

Next release date is still TBD (to-be-determined).


P.S.  Thanks for the message.  A good reminder I need put some more time
in getting the next release out.

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