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1999-03-24 17:37:49
[Courtesy cc to MHonArc mail list]

On March 24, 1999 at 17:37, "Greg White" wrote:

Sorry to bug you with this but I do not know where to look. We would like to
use Mhonarc to convert a newsgroup to HTML. The default version works OK at
this but does not provide any easy way to implement some nessary features.
For instance inserting a form in the message pages for followup postings.
This is easy to do for index pages where the HTML code for the form can be
specified in the resource file however doing so on the message page where
the msgid needs to be specifed as a form argument seems to require hacking
the code.

Look into the section in the documentation on resource variables.
There is the $MSGID$ resource variable.  This will give you what you

Also we would like to separate message index pages by month - the
default index page would list this months postings and links to previous

This has to be done by a pre-processor, or front-end.  For example, the
monthly-based archives that use MHonArc, usually use Procmail to
determine which archive path to pass to mhonarc.

A simple Perl script can do the job also.  However, if you have the
time, learning to use Procmail will give you alot of flexibility and
remove the need to implement functionality that Procmail can do.
Procmail also has its own locking mechanism, which can be used instead
of MHonArc's locking scheme (which is not as robust) (this does assume
that Procmail is always the entry point to access MHonArc archives).

I was wondering is there mhonarc code out there someplace that has
already been tweaked for the specific requirements of newsgroups.

MHonArc does not need to be tweeked for newsgroups.  Tweeking occurs
when user requirements dictate it.  The main item when it comes to
newsgroups is how data will be passed to mhonarc.  I.e.  Will data be
obtained via NNTP or will mhonarc access the actual news directories on
a NNTP server.

If you have more questions, please use the mhonarc mailing list
(it is closed to subscribers).  You will reach a much broader user
base that can provide better help.


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