Re: RFC 2369 headers

1999-03-25 02:07:23
On March 23, 1999 at 13:19, "Roger D. Linder" wrote:

I've recently added the emerging RFC 2369 standard headers on one of 
my mailing lists. These are the headers that specify List-Subscribe, 
List-Help, etc. The content of these headers is generally a URL, 
usually mailto:, and I'm wondering if MHonArc can be configured to 
recognize and create the proper HTML to make them active links. If 
not, is this a planned enhancement for a future version?

I just scanned RFC 2369.

As wrt MHonArc, we need to figure out how we want the header fields to
be treated.  The basic approach is to just hyperlink the URLs in the
fields within the formatted header similar to how email addresses are
hyperlinked.  Would this be sufficient?


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