Re: Removing comments at top of converted message

1999-04-01 16:03:14
On April 1, 1999 at 13:57, "Eric Paulson" wrote:

The problem actually is that the comments are before a login check that is
also before the <HTML> tag, and I am saving the pages as Active Server
However this is OK:

If Not Session("LoginOK") Then Response.redirect "/default.htm"
<!-- MHonArc v2.3.3 -->
<!--X-Subject: Fw: Test post with new Sendmail -->

I would like to make it so I can place my login check first, and still
have the comments in place in case I have to recover the DB, but I don't
know if having the code before the comments will break the recovery

I took a quick look at  It is responsible for parsing
messages pages in mha-dbrecover.  It appears that having stuff before
the comments will not break things.  However, the <!--X-Head-End-->
comment is still needed since it is used to terminate the parsing of
the header comments.

The cleanest approach to your problem is to have a resource that allows
you to define text to be printed on a message page before any MHonArc
generated data.  The toughest part of this solution is to come up with
a good name for the resource.


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