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1999-04-01 16:41:40
On March 31, 1999 at 10:09, Francois Felix Ingrand wrote:

I am using Mhonarc to archive a mail list. The current archive is now 5000

First, I was wondering if there is a practical limit to the size
of an archive mhonarc can handle (for performance reasons mainly).

MHonArc does have scalability problems because it reads the entire db
file each time it process an archive.  This gets more expensive as the
archive grows larger.  Actual degredation of acceptable performance
will vary on the capabilities of your system.

The work around is to use a sequence of multiple mhonarc archives (eg,
a different archive for each month) to represent a "single" archive for
a list.  This does require some preprocessing work (procmail works
well for this), and you have to live with the breaks in thread
continuity across mhonarc archive boundaries.


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